Alumni Association President 2017-2018

Cap de Nav Marcos Aurelio, Brasil

Present and past directors, faculty, staff and students should take great pride in their extraordinary individual personal and professional achievements and recall with great pleasure their shared time and experiences at IADC. We are part of a long-line of history, friendship, camaraderie and security and defense education that unites the whole Western Hemisphere.

Our shared vision of peace and security for the Western Hemisphere, dating back to the founding of our college in 1962,unites us in friendship, camaraderie and mutual respect while simultaneously advancing our collective prosperity. The “multidimensional” challenges of the IADC member nations are too great and numerous to face alone. Our strength drives from organization, a shared heritage, loyalty to our democratic ideals, and willingness to cooperate with each other.

The great importance of the shared experiences at IADC is reflected at the strategic impact that our alumni have throughout the Western Hemisphere. Many graduates and former advisors are now fulfilling important political, diplomatic and defense roles in their countries and future alumni will take their places.

Just as individual nations bond together for shared strength, so shall the IADC Alumni Association be stronger by the active support and loyalty of individual members.

Thank you, muito obrigado, muchas gracias